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The ForestWatch® Wildfire Detection and Monitoring System – developed by South Africa-based technology firm EnviroVision Solutions – is one of the most advanced wildfire detection systems in the world.

Combining high-definition imaging systems with purpose-built image processing software, ForestWatch uses mathematical and image processing algorithms to optically scan wide areas and detect the earliest telltale signs of smoke. This signature is used to alert an operation at a control center monitoring many imaging systems and thousands of square miles of property, and draw their attention to where a problem may be developing. The operator can use a range of tools including the powerful zoom lens capability of the camera, and image processing tools that make smoke vastly more visible than to the naked eye, to determine if the apparent smoke is actionable or not. If so, the smoke column can be located and referenced to available Geographic information to identify the appropriate responding agency, landowner, and other information, and resources dispatched accurately.

The award-winning ForestWatch® Wildfire Detection and Monitoring System is a powerful decision support tool and early warning system that has been used with great success by governments and forestry industries around the world since 2003 – protecting your greatest assets in a cost-effective and resource-conscious manner.


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