News Flash! Increasing Fire Danger, Decreasing Funding in ’17!


By Troy Mullins, Sales and Marketing, EVS USA



If that headline is a News Flash, I’m a Presidential Candidate.

Wouldn’t it be great if that headline read: “Decreasing Fire Danger and Increased Funding in ’17!”?

Since that’s as likely as summer snow in SoCal, it’s time to find another solution.

No matter how many millions of acres go up, or homes burn down each summer, there isn’t a legislative body anywhere providing increasing budgets for firefighting.

If you hear of one, please send me their contact information.

This is the time of year when fire agencies and state governments begin preparing for the 2017 season.

As our clients and contacts look into their smoky crystal ball, they can only see another high-risk fire season in ’17, and smaller budgets in their future.

While your administrators and legislators begin setting budgets and strategy for 2017, now is the perfect time to introduce technology that will preserve resources – both financial and physical.

After all, those decision makers with the sharp pencils should be interested in any tool with the ability to tip the scales back in favor of efficiency, economy and the safety of the men and women on the front lines.

It comes down to early detection, which is becoming more widely used every year. It makes sense that the best way to handle a big fire is to catch it when it is still small.

Deploying more lookouts, or spending big dollars on aerial patrols only solve part of the problem.

This is where EnviroVision Solutions comes in.

The ForestWatch Wildfire Detection and Monitoring System provides early detection unlike any other product on the market.

Cameras that constantly scan as much as 400 square miles every four minutes can be installed in your jurisdiction for as little as $1,000 per month.

Our cameras have the ForestWatch software, and direct support, 24/7/365. They can tell the difference between fog, steam and smoke, aren’t affected by weather and work through the night. Every night.

When they detect a potential fire, the ForestWatch cameras alert an operator and provide pinpoint location information reducing costly wild goose chases and needless risk to pilots, ground crews and equipment.

Jurisdictional boundaries can be layered into the matrix, along with historic burn data and current burn permit information.

ForestWatch helps reduce costs, risk and destruction by catching fires more quickly – and ensuring accurate dispatches – saving precious financial resources for your agency.

Next season doesn’t have to be a repeat.

Introduce a game changer for fire managers and decision makers dealing with the pressure of dwindling resources and more intense fire conditions in 2017.


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