Take a look at the latest news and videos from EnviroVision Solutions.  As a worldwide leader in the development of intelligent sensory systems designed to protect assets and improve the high-stakes decision making process, we take pride in our work. Whether saving lives, property, resources, or any combination of the above, field-tested EVS systems are now enhancing the operations of industries and governments across the globe. Systems such as the ForestWatch environmental monitoring and wildfire detection system.

Quick And Reliable Forest Fire Detection

If you are looking for quick and reliable forest fire detection information, look no further than EnviroVision’s innovative ForestWatch environmental monitoring system.

Where Are We Located?

EnviroVision Solutions has a head office in Durban, South Africa, and distributors, partners and system integrators across the globe. EVS is committed to offering more than just stand-alone products. Our ISO-accredited organization works in close consultation with our clients so as to best and most cost effectively meet your individual requirements, customizing systems where necessary. Our commitment continues even after systems are in place, with extensive training available, and dedicated EVS technical personnel always on hand for remote support.

EVS may specialize in advanced computerized technology but this doesn’t mean we neglect the human side of our man-machine interactions. We believe that the best solutions come from good people plus good technology!

We are a small, focused company that develops close, personal relationships with our clients, partners and everyone within our organization.